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iPhone 7 And 7 Plus In The First Test

iPhone 7 Unboxing

The size of the two iPhones has changed 6s and 6 s plus a millimeter over the predecessors, its weight has been reduced to a few grams. But you can make significant changes on the back of robust aluminium housing: for the antenna, there are no plastic covers in the form of visible horizontal stripes more. Thus the backs of iPhones 7 are now again consistently in a color. It has remained at a small hill for the camera lenses, which is but equalized when using an - already highly recommended - shell. In a small video, we will show the new look, and deliverable.

Instead of space grey Apple now offers a matte black, there is still a shiny "diamond black", even already indicates its scratch Apple - and recommends the use of a sleeve. One of our test devices was held in diamond black. The piano black finish is almost cheap some observers because you now know of many other products where plastic with it is refined. iPhone 7 you can indeed not immediately see that it's an aluminum housing, and you don't immediately feel it. For this, every fingerprint falls right in the eye. The second device in normal black shines less. Therefore it is discreet and respondents for most colleagues also something nobler, but this is, of course, a matter of taste. Remained the other color options are silver, gold and rose gold.

iPhone 7: new camera, iPhone 7 plus: dual camera

Because the test units were only a few days available, we have this first report placed a focus on the most interesting innovation: the camera. For comparison, we moved iPhone 6s and 6 s with previous models plus in the test.

All four iPhones work with 12-megapixel sensors, however, that has 7 plus two for the first time, a lens with a longer focal length sits next to the first. It switches a button between "1" and "2 x" in the camera app by tapping on a front of the subject. At the same distance from a flat object the so-called tele around presents a quarter of the area or – in other words – it halved the angle. A digital SLR camera (including the Canon EOS 1000 d) correspond to about 22 and 55 mm focal lengths.

iPhone 7 with 7-megapixel front-facing camera

In the lenses of the 7-series models, Apple Aperture has raised (i.e. increases the light throughput) to f/1.8 and increases the number of lens elements from five to six. Both leads to slightly different - but not always better - results with possibly modified software. Plus have the pictures of the new iPhone 7 and 7 plus in bright surroundings minimally sharper, but a track paler. But this is whining at a very high level: the image quality at normal brightness moves still in good compact cameras, and at the front top end of smartphones. Samsung's new, recently called back flagship Galaxy note 7 with also a 12-megapixel sensor makes something more colorful, sharper, and thus even more realistic photos, which are however and minimal blur towards the edges.

iPhone 7 allows almost professional videos

The iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus videos with the same resolution and refresh rate record similar to the 6 s. Maximum 30 frames per second are possible (fps) at 4 K at 1080 p, 60 fps. Full HD video at 60 fps looks good sharpness and low distortion thanks to the high color fidelity, almost like professional material. You will notice a difference however when panning, where visible blur the contours of objects. It is 30 fps (in the 'Photos and videos' settings), intensified the effect.

The iPhone 7 has now also an optical image stabilizer, as reduced at full HD spins hitch arm movements or steps on a low level, as it also in the models 7 plus 6 s plus works. The stabilizers of all three models of jitters could however not quite catch in our test videos with 4 k resolution.

With the telephoto of the iPhone 7 plus you should shoot also not walking, because the camera movements more quickly blurring the image. This may be due to the long focal length, probably Apple has saved but the optical stabilizer is for the "tele". This effect is intensified even when using the digital zoom software. The auto-focus and back a certain "pumps" caused by tightening the focus at any kind of camera movement (also at spins on the tripod). He is not be deactivated. In 4K, we registered in addition occasional hitch. Videos the new iPhones are the Galaxy note 7 something superior, especially when panning. Here is the stabilizer of Samsung delayed and caused a slight re tightening.

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