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Samsung Galaxy S8 Optical Fingerprint Scanner

Samsung Galaxy S8 is reportedly going to be unveiled at the end of February to coincide with the Mobile World Congress event. By its release date, there has been speculation about the Galaxy S8 features based on leaked information from many sources over the last few months. People are so enthusiastic about the rumors of Samsung Galaxy S8, and some of the biggest rumored Galaxy S8 features include an edge-to-edge display, a digital on-screen Home button, a 4K resolution screen, 6GB or RAM, a dual lens camera, Exynos 8895 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 chipsets and USB-C audio instead of a 3.5mm headphone jack. The other source says a rumor that the Galaxy S8 will come with the curved display at the top and the bottom, thus providing “Edge” features to all four sides of the device. And we still have one more interesting rumor which is recently surfaced about Samsung Galaxy S8 optical fingerprint scanner.

By the way, if we talk about a rumor about Samsung Galaxy S8 optical fingerprint scanner, we could refer this rumor to a source on Weibo. According to this source, the optical fingerprint sensor would be embedded within the phone display. The source also mentions that the optical fingerprint sensor would be faster and sharper than ultrasonic fingerprint recognition. Although it has not been confirmed yet, the Android Authority believes that Samsung will use Qualcomm’s ultrasonic Sense ID scanner since optical fingerprint scanners are not as secure. We just need to see some more leaks about it to be convinced.

Anyway, Samsung should consider the consequence of integrating an optical fingerprint sensor within the display supports the notion that the company will eliminate the physical Home button and make the screen edge-to-edge in the Galaxy S8. Which is it would be the awaited consequence for some Galaxy S fans to get this edge-to-edge display? There is one thing that makes the Samsung Galaxy S8 optical fingerprint scanner technology interesting, that is the technology has not been implemented in a smartphone before. It means Samsung Galaxy S8 would be the first device to have this security feature.

Another evidence about Samsung Galaxy S8 optical fingerprint scanner seemed from a patent application filed by Samsung two years ago which was published earlier this week that unveiled plans to add swipe functionality to fingerprint sensors. This technology is not only for unlocking devices and authorizing transactions but also would add the ability to open apps when the fingerprint sensor is swiped a certain way. Samsung is not the only company who owns this technology. Google has a similar system already in place with its Pixel smartphones, which has been arrived on the market earlier than Samsung Galaxy S8. So far, we are not convinced that Samsung will be able to implement the fingerprint swiping technology in time for the Galaxy S8, but we are optimistic that the company will have a chance to make it ready for the next flagship after the S8.